Our Activities
Our company carries out work on public lighting systems, whether for lighting streets, squares, stadiums, parks or enhancement by light, sites and monuments (museum buildings public, etc.). SITEL promises quality lighting, more efficient, an economic perspective and energy.

Whatever your field, if you need a reliable industrial electricity, we have solutions for you. The wiring diagram to its industrial monitoring through its realization, its installation and commissioning work, we propose answers really adapted to your case. All standards in industrial electricity are naturally met, as well as deadlines. To do propose that top-quality materials, we work with major manufacturers have already proven themselves in the field of industrial electricity (Legrand, Schneider, etc). Thanks to them, we know that we can have confidence in the equipment that makes up our industrial electrical installations.

The lighting of runways is the essential security devices and their passengers. Universal system, which lights up the markup and associations allow pilots to locate the track in the landing phase of touchdown at the right time, to stay in line and measure the distance to the end track. Our company is one of the leading experts in the airport lighting.

SITEL has a team of experts in electrical construction in industrial, institutional and commercial design systems capable of efficient, economical and sustainable, taking into account technical constraints and standards and codes. Electromechanical systems are designed for optimal performance while consuming as little energy as possible and maximizing their uptime. Our professionals are attuned to the specific needs of the clients and accompany them in their projects from the design phase to commissioning.

We carry out the installation and commissioning of telephone and computer networks for industrial and civil buildings. Whatever your field, we have solutions for you.

The Building Management System (BMS) is a computer system usually installed in large buildings or industrial facilities to oversee all equipment installed therein. The goal is to have an overall view of the building or industrial facility. Equipment can be monitored include: Power (MSB, divisional tables), lighting, access control, video surveillance, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, etc.

The installation and commissioning of Fire Safety System require technical knowledge, standards and regulations to ensure thorough highest level of performance and reliability. Our teams of engineers and technicians together to achieve the best installation and fast commissioning. We simply offer on your site excellent services and supports extended.

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